Stereo Pre-Amplifier

A high quality stereo Pre-Amp offering ballanced or unballanced outputs.
The volume & balance pots, input selector and signal path resistors are all custom ordered from the highly acclaimed TKD company (Japan) .
Signal path capacitors are WIMA metallized Polypropylene film throughout, and all opamps are “audiophile” Burr-Browns.
Hypex wide band voltage regulators are used for power supply, and an external mains transformer guarantees zero induced hum. Input selector is located near input sockets for shorter wire runs.
RIAA equalization followed by subsonic “wow” filtering are both optional – components are channel matched to within 1% tolerance.

The 7 RCA pairs (6 stereo inputs & 1 unbalanced stereo output) are rugged CMC silver plated type.
The XLR pair (balanced stereo output) is NEUTRIK.

Inside the Pre-Amp

Pre-Amp layout schematic. The balance pot is connected in parallel with the volume pot, performing its task without leaving an imprint on sound quality.

The metal case, originally meant for candy storage